Special Orders

   Conditions of Purchase Order




  • Please choose your garment(s) carefully


  • As this garment is a special order it generally requires approximately one (1) week  to Six (6) months for production depending on the garment supplier. All ship dates are approximate. The manufacturer reserves the right to change a ship date based on their production schedule.


  • After the special order has been placed with our manufacturer, you cannot add a rush to the order. The only option then is if we have the garment sent to us via the fastest post possible at an extra fee. However, this will not guarantee the delivery will be prior to the scheduled original delivery.


  • JB (JB being Just Bridesmaids and Formals) staff will take your measurements upon entering into this agreement. We will recommend the size to be ordered and of any sizing surcharges applicable based on stock sizing charts and style of your garment. Should you order a different size, or should your sizing vary at any stage, that will be your responsibility.


  • JB will not be liable should sizing vary slightly due to manual manufacturing processes of your garment or should you order a dress that we do not stock as we are not able to inspect the garment prior to ensure it is acceptable to our standards.


  • JB will not be responsible for the fit of the garment or additional costs (alterations or materials needed) due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy, plastic surgery, undergarments heel height or other shape changing causes.


  • JB will not be held responsible for measurements not taken in our store. JB will order the size required for best fit as recommended by the manufacturers stock size chart. When placing your special order, please ensure you revise the size, colour and style are correct.


  • Hollow to Hem measurements may be required for some gowns. This will incur an additional fee. You must then decide on a heel height prior to the hollow to hem measurement and it must not change after this measurement. JB will not be held responsible for the fit of the dress should you change your heel height. Hollow to Hem however can have a manufacturer’s variation. We will not be held responsible for this variation.


  • Dye lots, fabrics, laces and embellishments may vary. JB will order your garment to the colour/style specified by you however it may be slightly different to the original. JB will ensure all dye lots are within our tolerance quality control levels. If not, JB may request your garments are re-made. This may extend the delivery time however we will always ensure you receive your garments in time for your event and allowing acceptable time for any alterations.


  • Should the Wedding/Event Date stated on this contract change for any reason, it is the responsibility of the Bride and / or name of party’s contact person to notify JB.


  • All merchandise must be picked up within seven (7) days after the wedding or event date on file or it will become the property of JB. It is not JB’s responsibility to contact you after the wedding/event date has passed in regards to any merchandise left behind even if paid In full.


     Deposits/ Refunds/ Exchanges


  • A NON-REFUNDABLE 50% initial deposit is required on placement of order. If progress payments are being paid, your gown(s) will not be ordered until the full 50% deposit is collected by JB. These progress payments and initial deposit are non-refundable at any stage even if you change your mind, the item becomes discontinued or any other reason as to why your order is cancelled. Special promotions may require a non refundable 100% deposit.


  • You may not cancel your order if you have changed your mind or do not want the order any more regardless of the circumstances. This includes should a new promotion become available after you have entered into this purchase order. New promotions may commence the following business day


  •  JB will not be liable for the circumstances leading to the cancellation of your order. These conditions still apply even if we do not have your final measurements, colours or additions/alterations to your gown design and progress payments have been made.


  • If you have made progress deposit ( up to the 50%) payments and the order has not been placed with our suppliers yet and you want to cancel the order for whatever reason, we will cancel your order however all monies placed will not be refunded.


  • Pricing may change in between original progress payment up to the 50% deposit to order your garments. Price will only be guaranteed once your items have been ordered and confirmed by our supplier.


  • You must contact JB by phone or in person should you intend to cancel the order mentioned in item 14.


  • Garments ordered cannot be exchanged or refunded.


  • Ownership of goods does not pass until final payment has been made and sign off completed ( ie garments have been collected by customer)



Preparation for arrival of your order



  • Once we have received notification from our supplier that your order is ready for shipping, we will contact you for FINAL PAYMENT. Please note your order is to be finalised before it has been shipped and arrives in store.


  • Once your order has been received by JB, we will contact you to arrange a time and date to inspect your garment thoroughly for any manufacturer flaws and pick-up of your order. The Order must be picked up strictly within 14 days of arrival in store otherwise we will charge you an overdue fee of $10 per week the gown(s) is stored over the 14 days




  • Should alterations be required, JB can refer you to its preferred alterations dressmaker however you are under no obligation to act on this.


  • The cost of the alterations is not included in the original price of your order as stated in this contract. The alteration costs are the responsibility of the customer (customer being you) and your alterations dressmaker


  • JB accepts no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result from alterations.


  • Other Important Facts


  • JB will NOT be responsible for circumstances beyond our control


  • This contract is for Gowns and their Factory alteration/ additions only.


  • Fittings. JB will allow a maximum of 3 fittings per Bridal Party including the original fitting. Each fitting thereafter will be charged a $50 fitting fee.


  •  Just Bridesmaids and Formals reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time without notifying you.




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